About Dr Scott Noble

Dr. Scott began his bodywork study at the early age of 19, and has continued training in the healing arts ever since.  Collectively he has accumulated more than 7000 hours in health related study.  Today his work is focused on refining nervous system function for sustainable and holistic well-being.  The main pillar of this advanced spinal health care is a technique known as NSA (Network Spinal Analysis).   Dr. Scott also integrates soft tissue and mayofascial release techniques, craniosacral therapy and gentle chiropractic adjustments in his uniquely holistic approach.  He sees his roll as an opportunity to assist others to awaken and advance strategies for increased quality of life.  He maintains that each of us is our own best healer, and while we may all need some help reorganizing toward our full potential, everyone is ultimately wired to achieve it.   He invites humanity to pursue the tremendous benefits that become available for those with a clear nervous system.

Dr. Scott Noble's studies have included degrees and or certifications from the following schools.

Doctorate of Chiropractic: Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward CA

Bachelor of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology and Holistic Health: Prescott College, Prescott AZ

Certified Massage Therapist: The Desert Institute of the Healing Arts (1000 hr massage program), Tucson AZ

Craniosacral Therapy: several courses with the Upledger Institute, one with John Upledger

Advanced Chiropractic Study in NSA and Reorganizational Healing: with NSA founder Donald Epstein DC

Bio geometric Integration: with founder Sue Brown DC

Low force structural adjusting techniques: with Arno Burnier DC, Jay Kumeric DC, & Lou Corleto DC. 

Reiki Master initiated in by Erin Wolf

Medicine Buddha initiation on separate occasions from both the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa

Dr. Scott also extends thanks to the myriad unmentioned teachers that have helped along the path.