What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a specialized chiropractic technique that advances wellness and quality of life by supporting the natural healing intelligence existing within everyone.  This Innate Intelligence organizes healing via the same nervous system that coordinates all human perception, memories, thoughts, sensations, emotions and actions.  NSA is practiced using gentle ‘low force’ spinal contacts with precise placement and sequence to access and affect the body’s nervous system.  Reducing core spinal tension by this means allows the body to relax out of defense posturing and engage the restful, rebuilding, and healing part of the nervous system, called the parasympathetic.  Most of modern life is entrenched in the opposite sympathetic neural response; high stimulus environments, endless multitasking, mass communication and all sorts of stressors which leave most modern people literally wound up to the core.  Resolving core spinal tension and getting the healing benefits of the parasympathetic response cannot be understated. 

NSA both empowers and assists people in realizing their own innate healing power.  Exercises in movement, energy and breath awareness are also introduced in care as a means of fostering deep self-awareness and increasingly elegant healing strategies.   NSA is a wellness approach to health that focuses on developing what’s working rather than brooding on what’s broken.  That said, the remarkable affect of reducing neural tension is that symptoms (from all sorts of conditions) tend to go away.  Furthermore the healing is initiated from within, not to cover up symptoms or mask the pain, but because the cause was self-recognized and self-corrected.  The capacity to self-resolve and to evolve as we heal is the essence of sustainable health and wellbeing.