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When we think of fitness, oftentimes we only focus on the physical. On the contrary, we’ve seen countless times how a person can lose weight, start a diet, and eventually revert back to where they were, or in some cases, worse than where they started. We’ve all been there. Right?

With the understanding that we do need a change in our physical fitness, we overlook one of the most important aspects of fitness; the inner fitness.

Your journey starts with simple and practical principles:

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Reversing unhealthy dependency

  • Releasing unwanted weight

Swap the Mess for the Best, is not only geared towards swapping out food choices or physical activity for a more healthy and physical life, but also swapping out the mindset that is no longer serving you or your potential. By targeting the root cause and source, which is ‘inner healing’, you will achieve progress that is sustainable along your beautiful journey of life.

In our interactive workshops, we will uncover triggers that subconsciously lead to poor choices that hinder us from living our best lives; the life that our Creator intended. This life is of awareness, wholeness, and complete in every area.

As a participant in our Swap the Mess for The Best workshops, you will explore food alternatives to your normal “go-to’s” for comfort. We will also discuss physical activities that are simple and tailored to your level of physical ability.
In addition, and most importantly, we will dig deep into the triggers that lie within, to help identify and transform your thoughts about who you are, and what your creator’s thoughts are, concerning whom He has created you to become.

You will discover how valuable you are and what you mean to the Father, and how His desire is for you to live in fullness and wholeness, with peace, joy, and righteousness.

Join us. Let us walk with you on your journey taking your fitness beyond the physical.

Let’s Swap the Mess for the Best!

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